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TS-1000 Truck Refrigeration Units Introduction

Guchen Thermo the TS-1000 refrigeration units for trucks are especially designed for the large trucks with 45-55m³ truck box, condenser front mounted truck reefer units to meet all of your cold chain transportation demands. Vehicle engine driven or standby system model for choice, not rely on truck engine, eco-friendly, help you to save the fuel consumption. After thousands times tested under the ambient temperature is up to 50℃, safe to use in the hot areas. High reliability, high quality, high efficiency, and high cost performance.

PHOTO: Guchen Thermo TS-1000 Diesel Engine Refrigeration Units for Trucks in the Factory

Tip: TS-1000 diesel truck freezer units competitor's units ---- Carrier Supra-850

You may also have interest in the following models of TS series truck reefer units:

TS-600 Diesel Engine Truck Refrigeration Units (for 25-35m³ truck box, 5600W/19100Btu cooling capacity)
TS-800 Diesel Engine Truck Refrigeration Units (for 30-45m³ truck box, 7150W/24400Btu cooling capacity)
TS-1200 Diesel Engine Truck Refrigeration Units (for 55-65m³ truck box, 11210W/38250Btu cooling capacity)

Want to see the customers installation example? See the following TS series truck refrigeration units case share:

▲ TS-1000 Truck Refrigeration Units Export To Thailand Truck Factory
▲ TS-800 Truck Refrigeration Units Export to Malaysia Cold Chain Transport Company
▲ Guchen Thermo TS-1000 Truck Refrigeration Units to Australia
▲ Super Snow TS-1000 Diesel Engine Truck Refrigeration Unit Export to Middle East

TS-1000 Diesel Truck Refrigeration Units Features

● Perkins engine, low noise, low emission, low vibration and low life cycle cost.
● Easy to maintain and use.
● All of the truck refrigeration units have been tested under the 50℃ high ambient temperature and improve units working life.
● German GEA Bock compressor
● R404A Eco-friendly refrigerant
● In-cab remote display and control
● Automatic and manual hot gas defrost
● Automatic phase failure correction
● 3-Phase standby motor
● Multiple safety protection devices

TS-1000 diesel engine truck reefer units for sale guchen thermo TS-1000 diesel engine truck reefer units for sale guchen thermo TS-1000 diesel engine truck reefer units for sale guchen thermo
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