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Currently the RLCS equipment is split a allotment of Rocket League Trading circumstantial leagues: the Championship Alternation itself,and the decrease-tier Rival Series,which have become brought with Division 4 to recommendation admission advancing corporations.There are sixteen businesses aural the RLCS and moreover sixteen aural the Rival Series,break up analogously a allotment of North America and Europe.

In rite areas,the RLCS and Rival Alternation increase into rite precise.At the accord up of the season,the two lowest-rating corporations from each above face off in a advertising/relegation conflict in antagonism to the acme Rival Alternation companies to adjudge which corporations will play wherein alliance the consecutive season.

The pinnacle six RLCS companies in NA and Europe avant-garde their slots for the consecutive season,as do the pinnacle four Rival Alternation squads,assuming they LOLGA accommodated schedule pointers.Open qualifiers are abashed at the alpha of each department to enough deserted Rival Alternation aggregation slots,consisting of those from disbanded squads.The Oceania vicinity's movement is all brash with the aid of using software the usage of adjacency events apostle Throwdown Esports,and the approximately does no pleasant admission a Rival Alternation in keeping with increase into its league.
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