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Posted On:
December 28, 2020
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As usual, will share the details with you, and you are welcomed to Buy wow classic gold and WoW Power leveling 50-60 from our site for power enhancement!

Caretaker Kah-Toll:

This vault will grant you a boon that Oribos deems appropriate for your endeavors in aid of the Purpose. This will happen at a regular interval as long as you are active in our aid.

I believe your kind refer to the nature that interval as 'weekly'.

Gossip How does it know what to reward me with?

The Purpose is not always transparent in its workings.

To my understanding it will assess your needs based on which activities you have taken part in that further the Purpose.

This is Oribos' way of assisting you. You serve the Purpose, and thus the Purpose will serve you in its own way.

The Purpose is our way.

Gossip How does it work?

While we maintain Oribos. The workings of the Purpose are divine and opaque to us.

The Purpose is ancient. Possibly beyond your comprehension. This technology is divine.

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