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January 8, 2022 by at South Africa, in
1023 ownCloud X marks a new ownCloud generation with a strong focus on security, performance and productivity. Based on discussions with end users, admins and business owners we are improving 1023 OwnCloud Only R1500 Per Annum
R 1,500.00 ZAR
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ync and Share Your Data, with Ease
1023 ownCloud is the most straightforward way to file sync and share data. You don’t need
to worry about where or how to access your files. With 1023 ownCloud X all your data is where ever you are; accessible on all devices, any time.

A Safe Home for All Your Data
1023 ownCloud is hosted exclusively on your own private server/cloud or your own website so you
can rest assured that your data is under your control.

1023 OwnCloud is all about your privacy and works to protect your files. It ensures that access is controlled only by the one who should have control: You
Your Data is Where You Are.

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